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Hunger is closer than you think. Right now, many of our neighbors are an illness, an accident, or an unexpected repair away from needing food assistance. The Food Depot is ending hunger in Northern New Mexico by providing food to a network of over 150 partner nonprofit agencies throughout nine counties.  Partner agencies such as food, pantries, meal programs, homeless shelters, youth programs, and senior centers distribute food received from The Food Depot to people who are experiencing hunger.  

In 2014, The Food Depot distributed 4.8 million pounds of food—enough for over 6 million meals—to the most vulnerable members of our community. Children. Working families. Seniors. Someone you know is experiencing hunger right now. Viisit to make a difference that lasts a lifetime.

​The Food Depot acquires the food from grocery stores, farms, bakeries, restaurants, and small manufacturers and distributors. We are also part of several networks such as Feeding America, The New Mexico Association of Food Banks, and The New Mexico Human Services Department that give us access to food that is free or at reduced cost. 

The Food Depot operates many programs such as the Infant Supply Initiative, Mobile Food Pantries, and Food for Kids.  The Food Depot also provides disaster relief services for Northern New Mexico.